I am an accomplished economist and an environmentalist. I am an independent candidate for Florida governor. I have an Economic Plan that will benefit all Floridians, by solving the problems that were created by politicians serving big money special interests. Like most of us, I am fed up with the corrupt, greedy people who are taking our money, trashing our environment, destroying our jobs and threatening our future.

The people of Florida have the power to beat the influence of big money and to change our future. If we don’t stand up to big money special interests and their lapdog politicians, they will keep on bleeding us until we are dry. We can vote for an independent governor, who does not serve big money or party interests.

Only an independent governor can work fairly with legislators of all parties, while blocking the bills that serve only special interests. An independent governor who is an economist with a plan, working for—and with— all of the people, can transform Florida’s economy for everyone. Whose Florida is it, anyway?

Anyone can understand my economic plan and see that it can work. Here’s what we can do, and how we can do it without cost to the taxpayers.      In a few minutes, you will see that we can do this.

Create 1,000,000 good middle class private sector jobs in Florida, without subsidies or tax handouts. Stimulus plans don’t work. We’ll create wealth-producing jobs the right way, by organizing demand for products and services that reduce costs for everyone.  Read More>>>

Improve health care quality, while reducing costs by 30%. Health care is one industry where improving efficiency improves quality and reduces costs. SuperClinics throughout Florida will offer convenient, high quality medical care at the lowest cost in America. Read More>>>

Make quality health care available to all Floridians while reducing Medicaid spending. We can expand Medicaid coverage and save 6,250 lives per year, while reducing overall spending. This will add $25 billion of economic activity per year, supporting 250,000 new jobs. It’s just simple economics. Read More>>>

Clean up our environment and our water, now. It doesn’t cost to do this, it pays. The economic activity will add thousands of good jobs. Politicians serving big money have delayed restoring the Everglades and protecting our rivers and estuaries too long. They get more money, we get dead manatees. We can fix this at no net cost to the taxpayers and make money doing it. Read More>>>

Reduce interest costs of home ownership and student loans by 75%. Our publicly owned SuperBank will grow our economy and earn $billions. We can reduce taxes, while saving Floridians $billions per year in interest expenses. 2%/15 year mortgages, 1.5% student loans, 5% CDs. Local banks will love this, too! This is Public Capitalism instead of Elite Capitalism. Read More>>>

Reduce homeowner’s insurance costs by 30%. The people of Florida already own the biggest property insurance company in Florida. Citizens insures the riskiest 22% of homes while private companies jack up rates and suck billions in profits out of the safest ones. By offering coverage to everyone, Citizens can reduce rates by 30% and have the biggest and safest property insurance company in America. Read More>>>

Reduce long term energy costs. Some of our new jobs will manufacture and install solar energy systems and energy-conservation products that will pay for themselves many times over, saving you many thousands of dollars over the years. Read More>>>

Balance the budget without higher taxes, layoffs or cutbacks. More jobs means more revenue for the state and lower social costs. We can have better services while reducing taxes! Read More>>>

Reduce and ultimately eliminate the costs of higher education. How can we have a good economy when our young people graduate with $30,000 or more in debt? We can reduce college costs by 25% immediately at no cost to taxpayers. Believe it or not, in the future providing free college will actually earn billions for the state, lowering taxes. It’s just simple economics. Read More>>>

Improve education the right way without higher costs. We already spend almost $9,000 per year per child for grades K-12, more than a good university costs. How much of that goes to the teachers? Not enough. How can we improve education the right way? Let’s ask teachers instead of corporate shills and bureaucrats. Read More>>>

End Corporate Welfare in Florida. Why do Big Money Special Interests give our politicians hundreds of millions of dollars? They buy the right to destroy our environment while we pay to clean it up. They buy the right to suck more billions out of us. Let them keep their Big Money and rip off some other state. Read More>>>

Stand up to Big Money, stand up for yourself and all Floridians. Vote Khavari for Governor.

Whose Florida is it, anyway?